CMC ATOM Chest Harness
CMC ATOM Chest Harness
CMC ATOM Chest Harness
CMC ATOM Chest Harness
CMC ATOM Chest Harness
CMC ATOM Chest Harness

CMC ATOM Chest Harness

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The ATOM Chest Harness provides exceptional comfort and versatility for high angle rescues. The ATOM Chest transforms the ATOM Sit Harness or Build Your Own (BYO) ATOM Sit Harness into a full body NFPA Class III Life Safety Harness. This modular unit is quickly and easily assembled for team members who transition from working on the edge to working on the rope. It allows rescuers to utilize the mobility of a sit harness until the comfort and versatility of a full body harness is desired. Use the ATOM Chest when the job calls for hanging on the rope, managing heavy loads, and operating complex rope systems. Compatible with CMC’s Chest Ascender Kit and built with multiple steel attachment points, the ATOM Chest delivers safety, comfort, and next-level versatility for the rope technician.


  • Transforms ATOM Sit or Build Your Own (BYO) ATOM Sit into a NFPA Class III Life Safety Harness.
  • Allows teams to utilize the mobility of a sit harness until a full body unit is preferred for working on rope.
  • Sternal and dorsal steel D-rings provide robust, low-profile attachment points that can fit multiple carabiners.
  • Integrated load transfer from chest attachment points to the Sit Harness, increasing comfort in a vertical lift.
  • Compatible with a variety of chest ascenders that can be added or swapped using the ATOM Chest Ascender Kit.
  • Built for all-day comfort and security, while being quick to install or remove to meet the demands of the job.
  • Constructed using water-repellant, UV resistant webbing, as well as breathable D3 cloth in the dorsal padding.
  • Available in black with contrasting thread for wear inspection and Black Web Keepers™ to secure loose ends.
  • Replaces the ProSeries Chest Harness and adds another level of customization to the ATOM Harness Series.


  • The current ATOM Sit and BYO ATOM Sit (PN# 202B) has a rear oval ring for attaching the ATOM Chest. This combination creates an NFPA Class III Life Safety Harness without the need for additional hardware.
  • The previous ATOM Sit (PN# 202A) has a soft loop on the back. A Trapezium Quick-Link is required to attach the ATOM Chest and Sit. This combination is not certified to NFPA Class III, but it retains Class II designation.

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