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Whether we notice them or not, confined spaces are all around us at work, every day. In certain industries, confined spaces are a regular way of life. We walk past them, we step over them, and we traverse beneath them without giving them very much thought. But much of what we do at work would not be possible without a functioning infrastructure that is often found in these confined spaces surrounding us. If you would like to learn more about these confined spaces, you can click HERE to check out our previously posted blog that highlights what confined spaces are, and what responsibilities an employer has concerning any confined spaces within their business.

Of course, some of you reading this are very familiar with confined spaces. Entering these spaces may be a regular part of your workday. In these circumstances, confined spaces can start to feel mundane, and the dangers contained in them can begin to feel distant and innocuous. However, familiarity can breed complacency, and we can find ourselves relaxing our situational awareness when we should be maintaining our vigilance.

How Dangerous Are Confined Spaces?

According to NIOSH, every year, close to 100 employees die while working in a confined space. This means that on average, each week two confined space workers do not return home at the end of their workday because of the dangers associated with the environment in which they work. In these fatal incidences, only 15% of the victims had confined space training. None of the locations that experienced a fatal incident had a rescue plan. And 60% of those who died, were would-be rescuers, half of whom were supervisors who rushed into the confined space without proper training or equipment and died trying to save their fellow workers.

Confined spaces at your workplace need to be taken seriously. Anyone entering a confined space should only be doing so with the proper training, equipment, and supervision. And Pro Safety & Rescue, Inc. can help provide your place of business with all three.

A New Paradigm In confined Space Training

In addition to providing thoroughly trained Confined Space Rescue Workers and Attendants for your project needs, Pro Safety & Rescue, Inc. has also opened a brand new state-of-the-art Rescue Training Center in Bakersfield, California, so that anyone in the world can receive professional confined space and rescue training. Featuring 4400 cubic feet of tunnels, crawl spaces, shafts, horizontal and vertical veins, and over a dozen different ingress and egress points for both side and vertical entry, this 21,000 square foot, three-story, air-conditioned building houses one of the most complex and challenging confined space simulation obstacles in the nation.

Knowledgable instructors from CMC, with over 100 years of combined rescue experience, helped to design and build this Rescue Simulation Prop, based on real-world scenarios as well as being equipped to meet and exceed all regulatory requirements for proper confined space and rescue certifications. Students who graduate from this training center will be some of the most highly skilled confined space workers in the world. Their experience here will help them save lives when it matters.

All The Rope Space In The World

Of course, not all confined spaces are located on or near the ground. In many cases, entry into a confined space can be found high up off the ground, at the top of a building, or on the side of a hard-to-reach tower. And if a person becomes incapacitated inside one of these remote confined spaces, rescuers may need to rig a rescue solution utilizing ropes and climbing gear. The new Rescue Training Center at Pro Safety & Rescue, Inc. is the perfect place to practice these techniques. 

Featuring multiple attachment points across various structures, students will learn how to rig a rescue solution for nearly any scenario. Whether it be straight down from the ceiling, up the side of a wall, over the rails, or across an open span, our large 30ft by 100ft indoor open space with 40ft ceilings provide ample room to practice any ropes rescue situation plausible.

Rescue Training Will Never Be The Same

This is just the beginning! This new training facility offers multiple points of expansion with many new additions already planned and in the works, including multiple vessel training stations, tower climbing structure, tactical repelling, fast roping, and arial winch rescue. And with all of this housed inside of a climate-controlled building, our training classes will never be at the mercy of outside weather conditions. That means less exhaustion, longer evolutions, and more time to focus on learning instead of dealing with the elements.

At Pro Safety & Rescue, Inc., safety is literally our middle name. Our goal is to serve our clients in creating and sustaining safe work environments by providing professional rescue, safety, and emergency medical services. Whether we provide these services directly to you with our expertly trained technicians, or we partner with you to train your employees to the highest level possible, we want to make sure that everyone goes home safely at the end of their workday. This is why we’ve invested in this new Rescue Training Center, and will continue to invest in the future safety of our clients, and our community.

If you would like to register for a class in this facility, click here to visit the CMC Pro website and choose your course. We look forward to seeing you here in 2022.

Link to CMC schedule of classes at our facility:

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